SINGE: to burn something superficially or lightly

Singe Beauty was a passion project started in 2023 by Angelica Nyqvist, though it had been planned for years. 

Angelica felt something was missing in the beauty space and wanted to create an all-encompassing brand to bring a product that would be easy for anyone to use -- a beauty connoisseur or someone just starting in makeup. Singe Beauty's brushes are vegan and cruelty free, offering a tool that's easy to use and clean, with high-level performance. The signature 'Singe color' is based on the mix between orange and yellow; in Sweden (the owner's home country) this color is sometimes called "fire yellow". This sparked the name of the brand, Singe, referring back to the fiery hue.
Angelica has been a part of the beauty community for several years; she began her YouTube journey in 2015, before then freelancing as a makeup artist and completing her degree in environmental science. She sees makeup as something that is fun, not a "must" to leave the house and is an expression of one's self. 


"I just want to have fun with makeup."
~Angelica Nyqvist, Singe Beauty Founder