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The brush that "does it all". The E06 is great for packing on color when you want to cover a bit more area but still keep the intensity. Just tip it on the side to blend the edges.


Each brush is vegan and made with synthetic fibers to emulate real hair bristles. The handle contains aluminum ferrule and wood, painted with the signature Singe orange color.


Customer Reviews

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Monica Moron
I am impressed

I did not expect these brushes to be as good as they are. The E06 picks up and disperses product seamlessly. I love it and will definitely be buying more.

Pili V
the shape works for my eyelids

I love how I use it as a all over shade color, to just in my crease to even a pack on a dark shade color on the outter part of my eyelid with out that much precision...let's say I can us this to do a quick eyelid deal and have the E07 to handle my lower lash line and be good. Great quality and the color handle stands out so easily can be found among my life mess. LOL Great for this over 40 lady. Thank you for making this eye brush shape.

Denise Wanat
Stellar Brush

The bristles of the E06 feel luxuriously soft while packing on color and blending beautifully. Singe's E06 is one of those 'the search is over' brushes, the one for which you will find yourself reaching whenever you put on eyeshadow. This brush in a whole different league.

Melissa Lasky
Best eyshadow brush

This has, literally become my favourite eyeshadow brush of all time. It is the perfect size and shape for my hooded crease. So soft, it's perfect.

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