Singe F01

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A foundation or cream product brush to buff in product, while still allowing a precise application.


Each brush is vegan and made with synthetic fibers to emulate real hair bristles. The handle contains aluminum ferrule and wood, painted with the signature Singe orange color.


Customer Reviews

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Amazing foundation brush

I really like this brush: the density, the shape, the softness and the size of it! I'm used to working with bigger foundation brushes, so it was little weird at first, but I realised that I can work the product into my skin more effectively with this one. Barely soaks up any product which makes me use less foundation and I end up with an airbrushed finish. 10/10 recommend if you're on the fence!

Olany Perez
Perfect Brush

This brush is perfect for foundation application. I used to to brush because it’s small and multitasking’s

Anna Ronkanen
Best foundation brush

A little amount of foundation goes so much further with this brush than any other I have tried. Worth the money.

Extremely happy with my purchase!

My eye brushes from this brand quickly become my favorite and I have purchased two sets. So I knew when the brand release face brushes I had to try them. I was not disappointed. The brushes are very high-quality and extremely soft. Also, the smaller unique shapes work for my smaller features. My favorite so far are the F04, F06 and F02.. I would gladly pay double for the face set, but luckily, I can just take that money that I would’ve spent and purchase another set. If you’re on the fence about purchasing, don’t be!

Melissa Lasky
Best foundation brush

I have never liked using foundation brushes, never found one I liked until this one. It's so soft, perfectly rounded. Works like a dream.

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