Singe F02

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Supersoft brush, with a pointed tip for precision that’s perfect for blending concealer or eyeshadow primer without creating streaks.


Each brush is vegan and made with synthetic fibers to emulate real hair bristles. The handle contains aluminum ferrule and wood, painted with the signature Singe orange color.


Customer Reviews

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Gives Ultimate Control

I love the F02 because it is the perfect size brush to blend out concealer. It’s dense and soft so it keeps the coverage and feels nice on the delicate under eye area. Will always be my #1 brush for blending out concealer.

Kristie N

This brush is my favorite for under eye concealer. I have other similar brushes from the major brands and this is by far the best and makes my under eyes look flawless

Kelsey Ingram
Believe the hype

This is the BEST concealer brush I've ever come across. I enjoy Angie, but I wasn't initially interested in another brush set. But I gave this one a go, and the hype is real. Amanda from Makeup Just for Fun sold me on it. This gets under my eyes perfectly, blends effortlessly, and is so soft (yet firm at the same time to get spots with precision). I cannot recommend this brush enough. I want five more. And now considering buying the full set.

Best concealer brush

This is hands down the best concealer brush I've ever used. I’ve tried several ones from other brands, but I felt like it was hard to control the distribution of product and they were not quite the right shape. Not with this one, this brush is the perfect shape for my undereyes with the perfect density and softness for my preferences. Barely soaks up any product, so I use less concealer as well, which helps with the overall look of my makeup. I’m very happy with my purchase, even if it’s expensive with the shipping and import fees, well worth every penny!

Amanda J.
Love this brush

I ordered the concealer brush, and it's my new holy grail. It's perfect. It's curves perfectly for my under eye. Super soft, and blends like a dream. I will be trying the entire line .

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