The 7-Piece Face Brush Set

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This seven-piece face brush set elevates your base makeup application and takes it to a whole new level. Each brush is specifically designed to create an easier application process for your base makeup and includes the following brushes:


  • F01
    A foundation or cream product brush to buff in product, all while still allowing a precise application.
  • F02
    Supersoft brush, with a pointed tip for precision, that’s perfect for blending concealer or eyeshadow primer without creating streaks.
  • F03
    The brush that balances between firm and flexible. It is perfect for blending out cream products.
  • F04
    A powder brush that picks up product easily. Because of how the bristles are made, the F04 makes it easy to get an even application of product.
  • F05 
    A medium fluffy, round brush, perfect for covering bigger areas with powder products, ideally on the cheeks.
  • F06
    The wispy angled brush is perfect for more pigmented powder products, delivering a feathery, well-blended result.
  • F07
    A detailed complexion brush with bristles that allow you to pick up both powder or cream-to-powder products with ease.


Each brush is vegan and made with synthetic fibers to emulate real hair bristles. The handle contains aluminum ferrule and wood, painted with the signature Singe orange color.

Customer Reviews

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Angelique McFarland
In love w/Singe brushes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The brushes are soft. And applies products smoothly. That’s all I need!

Taryn Perry
I really like them!

While I cannot say I use the brushes for the exact same products they are described to be used for, I can say that I do use them everyday. I enjoy the variety of the set with stiffer and softer variations. The powder brush is amazing and so is the concealer brush. I may need another concealer brush so I can use one for eye primer and one for actual concealing. Way to go with this set!!!

I like it

Very nice set, unique color, soft brushes, easy to use, handle is great quality too. Pricy if shipping to EU, but I hope they'll last very very long time. Lifetime purchase 😀


Amazing quality! They blend product like a dream and I'll be purchasing more!


These are the best brushes I’ve purchased, light weight & work beautifully

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