The 7-Piece Eye Brush Set

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A seven-piece brush set designed to elevate your eyeshadow game. All to help with packing on color, smudging edges and creating the perfect blend.  The brush set includes the following:


  • E01
    This flat tapered brush is the perfect brush to pack on color, mattes or shimmers. The bristles are cut to easily pick up product and the pointed tip helps with precision. 
  • E02
    A medium fluffy brush to blend and pack color into the crease. The tapered bristles help with creating definition while still making blending easy.  
  • E03
    A bigger, slightly tapered fluffy brush to blend out edges or apply matte shadows seamlessly all over the crease. The perfect brush for a lighter transition color.  
  • E04
    The perfect brush to blend edges or apply color with precision to the crease. Also, a great brush to smoke out your lower lash line. 
  • E05
    A small detailed fluffy brush to—with precision—add colors to the crease or outer corner without losing intensity.
  • E06
    The brush that "does it all". The E06 is great for packing on color when you want to cover a bit more area but still keep the intensity. Just tip it on the side to blend the edges.
  • E07 
    A detailed brush for the inner corner, lower lashline, or when you need something tiny.


Each brush is vegan and made with synthetic fibers to emulate real hair bristles. The handle contains aluminum ferrule and wood, painted with the signature Singe orange color.

Customer Reviews

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Frances Garcia
Great but cracked :(

I love the creator and wanted to support! 3 of my brushes in the set cracked and the actual ferel that attaches to the wooden handle came off. However, the brushes are wonderful to use and I love how soft they are and how they blend and pack shadows beautifully. I’m just hoping that I got some duds. I plan on buying a new set to replace and hope I don’t have the same issue :/ Also to note I am aware of not washing brushes upside down as to not let water come down to the brushes or soak but yet they cracked.

Stephanie S
7 piece eye set

Beautiful brushes work so well for my hooded lids 😬

Taryn Perry
So Good I Bought Two Sets!!!!

I mean the greatest compliment is return business, right? I ordered one set and liked them so much and found myself having to clean them so much, that I thought it best to order another set. The way they grip shadow, blend out pigmented color and the interesting shapes of some really help create spectacular looks. These brushes are an investment the only type of art I am good at: makeup. Way to go!!!

Patricia Gollwitzer
Best Brushes I ever used

Dear Angelica,
for many years I truly enjoyed your content on Youtube. And I love using your colab-palettes regularly. I remember my exitement the day you launched your own beautybrand.
The brushes I found very interesting from the beginning, but I couldn't afford them.
My dear boyfriend, who is a careful listener, decided to secretly order them for me. I could'nt believe it until they arrived recently.
Now, after one week of using them, I must admitt, that these are the best eyebrushes I've ever used.
The smalltalk size, the incredible soft bristles and the way the hold and blend pigments is astonishing.
Thank you for your neat work and your cheerful attitude.
Best wishes from Germany!

Julie trudgeon
Best brushes ever!

This set of brushes, is just what I've been looking for!! Hard to describe the perfection.

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