Singe Multi-Tasking Makeup Sponge

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The Singe Beauty Multi-tasking Makeup Sponge can be used damp or dry to create a flawless makeup finish with creams, liquids or even powder products. The teardrop design helps to effortlessly reach into the contours of the face, with a super smooth texture that feels soft against the skin.



The sponge is orange with the signature Singe Beauty logo embossed on it.  

  • Latex free
  • Size 42 mm x 58 mm (1.65" x 2.28")
  • Clean with a gentle makeup remover and water 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
June WT
What a great quality sponge!!

It is an awesome sponge, and the size makes it so easy to apply my foundation after using Singe brushes. Can’t wait for what Singe will release this year!!

Shauna W.
Came for a brush, got a sponge too that I loved more!

I got the under eye concealer brush because it’s pretty unique looking, and I have seen other people using it (I think it was Theresa Is Dead)? I have been enjoying it very much. It’s a bit better designed than the BK Beauty kitten paw one that I also like for the under eye. The sponge I threw in my cart on a whim, however, is an unexpected favorite. It has a feeling of almost being gelatinous when it’s wet - very bouncy and lots of give but really works well. It’s very fine and expands a lot when wet. I would buy more of these if I didn’t already have a thousand sponges!!!!! :)

Melissa Shaw
Best bounce

Beautiful color aside, I get a really great bounce from the sponge when applying cream products. It’s the right amount of soft and easy to clean. Just purchased six more to save on shipping but have extras in hand.

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